Kitchen cabinets are possibly the major thing that most homeowners want to improve to upgrade and add value to their property. However, what would be the best finish for kitchen cabinets? The option between opting to stain or paint will vary on several aspects. We have listed here the differences between staining and painting that you should know: 

Painting your cabinets 

If you want to have a clean aesthetic, then painting jobs could be the best option to take. For your kitchen, the painting would be ideal if you do not prefer wood grain or marks and want an ideal look. Though painting your cabinets would take several preparations, the outcome would be worth it since it would appear as if your cabinets are brand new and they will be attractive to look at. 


  • More water-resistant 
  • Could survive up to ten years 
  • Gives a more modern and sleeker appearance 
  • Wide-range of colors to choose from 



  • Eliminates wood knots and grain 
  • Less forgiving to mistakes 
  • Susceptible to cracking 


Staining your cabinets 

stained look could be beautiful to look at once you like the natural grainy look that wood naturally provides. Compared to paint, a stain is thinner, hence, it penetrates into the wood. This improves the wood’s natural look. The stain would be much simpler if you are aiming to do some updating of your cabinet by yourself and if you do not want to spend a lot of money on it.  


  • Natural, traditional appearance 
  • Can be retouched and maintained easily 
  • Could serve you up until 30 years 
  • Budget-friendly 



  • Displays all wood blemishes 
  • Dust could be more obvious 
  • Doesn’t look great on plywood 


Now, what is the best method? 

Actually, that greatly depends on you. Your choices entirely come down to your own preference and about what finish you are wanting to have to upgrade your kitchen. In fact, both staining and painting are great choices to choose from. Hence, you should not be worried because your kitchen would look great either way. To prevent damaging your kitchen cabinets, it is highly recommended by the experts to contact a professional painting company that can provide you professional opinions about the best option for you.  


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