Tips and Tricks When It Comes to Drywalls

Here are some of the fundamental tips about installing sheetrock—known as drywall. Drywall is available in different thicknesses, and every drywall type has its own uses and application. However, in this article, we will be focusing on preparing our surfaces:


It’s recommended to directly install drywall to the ceiling joists or wall studs. There are other handymen or contractors who simply install new sheetrock over the old drywall, lath wall, or paneling. This is a bad way to install drywall since the new sheet can’t properly be fastened due to unknown plumbing or electrical lines behind the old wall or screws without studs. In fact, the old ones should be eliminated since there could be termite, leakage, or moisture problems that occur behind the old walls. Inspect the insulation, the plumbing and electrical line, and the conditions of the studs. If everything is fine, inspect to guarantee that the studs have all screws and nails removed, and is basically plumb and smooth.

Wall installation

The answer to an effective installation of drywall is to stagger the sheets. Once the seams of the drywall align in a cross pattern this could make a weak part in the installation, which could be susceptible to crumbling anytime soon.

Ceiling installation

Installing ceiling drywall is more crucial and difficult compared to drywall installed on walls. Hence, it would be better to reach out to a drywall contractor to help you out with this job. Always remember to stagger the sheets, most importantly for ceilings. Otherwise, it will cause your ceilings to sag while gravity pill on the weak areas. If this happens, you will need to plaster the weak spots all the time. However, the ceiling would eventually fall down or will need to be taken down.


It is preferable to utilize the perforated drywall tape for wall joints on the corners and utilize standard drywall tape for places where the ceilings meet the walls. Tape all of your joints through utilizing a small plaster knife. This helps to embed the tape as you go as it smoothes out any bubble. Allow it to thoroughly dry it and then sand it to prepare for paint and primer.

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